Use TCI to empower spontaneous, unrehearsed communication! You know, like how humans talk.

Last May a few kids and I sat down and began talking in Spanish. I wanted to see how they would respond to spontaneous conversation.

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We can and must increase proficiency and enrollment for ALL learners. I can help your world language teachers to teach with CI to increase engagement, build community and empower real, spontaneous communication. And students will like each other more too!


Exploring Comprehensible Input-based language teaching.


Encourage your students to communicate in ways that are emotionally and situationally appropriate using authentic sayings that will make them feel like real Spanish speakers!

EMPOWER your novice students to interact with you authentically and spontaneously using memorized social language chunks!

Learn how to get kids talking spontaneously in ways that express real meaning, allow students to express their own personality, demonstrate their comprehension, differentiate language use, keep the target language flowing in the classroom, and drive communication down new, student-directed paths.

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Do you have a powerful anecdote of how CI-based teaching leveled the playing field for your learners?

When we teach for acquisition, students listen to, trust and understand not just language, but one another. I'm collecting stories of kids who succeed with comprehension-based teaching who otherwise may have failed. When kids succeed and feel they belong, they'll choose to enroll another year and we take a step closer to creating a NATION of language acquisition and culture ADVOCATES.

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I believe that Mr. Boulanger’s methodologies will be standard procedure in 20 years; it is clear that his techniques and strategies lead to acquisition and retention.

Lisa Bekemeyer Bethel University