Teacher Training

I am driven to provide meaningful and relevant language acquisition instruction to EACH student.

If you’re looking for training in methods and strategies of Comprehensible Input and, further, have a desire to increase enrollment and achievement for ALL your students, together can we spark fire in your world language teachers and rekindle that sense of awe achieved when we see ALL our students achieving.

I offer a variety of reasonably-priced workshops, catered to your institution’s needs, to train world language teachers at any level in your school or district.

Some topics currently offered include:

  • Understanding the Precepts, Purpose, Process and Power of TPRS ®
  • Teaching with Comprehensible Input (TCI) – a principled approach that works for the masses
  • Personalizing Learning, Engaging Learners and Building a Community of One in a TCI classroom
  • Speaking Before They Can: Using rejoinders for authentic and spontaneous interaction in a communicative classroom
  • Invert the Pyramid: Use High Frequency verbs and Multiple tenses from Day 1 to facilitate language acquisition for each student
  • Meeting ACTFL’s 90% Position Statement in All Levels from Day 1
  • Infusing Comprehensible Reading from Day 1

Selected Recent Presentations and Workshops:


Michigan World Language Association Fall Conference – October 2020

  • Keynote Speaker

Mainland Regional High School Full day workshop – January 2020


ACTFL Convention and Expo  – November 2019

  • Workshop presenter

Comprehensible Midwest  – September 2019

  • Workshop presenter


ACTFL Convention and Expo  – November 2018

  • Workshop presenter

West Virginia Foreign Language Teachers Association Fall Conference – October 2018

  • Keynote Speaker

International Forum on Language Teaching – July 2018

  • Learning Lab Teacher and Presenter

Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages – March 2018

  • Workshop Presenter


Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers Fall Conference – October 2017

  • Keynote Speaker

Express Fluency Teacher Training – August 2017

  • Learning Lab Teacher and Presenter

International Forum on Language Teaching – July 2017

  • Learning Lab Teacher and Presenter

Ohio Foreign Language Association – March 2017

  • Featured Workshop Presenter


ACTFL – November 2016

  • Speaking Before They Can: Creating a Culture of Communication through Trust and Comprehensible Input

Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association – November 2016

  • Keynote Speaker: Creating A #NationOfAdvocates: How TRUST, UNDERSTANDING and JOY in our classrooms builds a society that values language acquisition and cultural competence.

International Forum on Language Teaching – July 2016

  • Learning Lab Teacher
  • Inverting the Pyramid: Toward a Framework for Creating a #NationOfAdvocates

Unversity of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca, Spain – July 2016

  • Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling

Comprehensible Iowa – June, 2016

  • Keynote: Growing a Comprehensible Classroom


Bethel University – November, 2015

  • Teaching with Comprehensible Input and TPRS®

Leysin American School, Leysin, Switzerland – October, 2015

  • Delivering Compelling, Repetitive, Comprehensible Messages Through Story

MCTLC Fall Conference – October 2015:

  • TOY session: Six Steps to Creating Compelling, Understandable Messages
  • Feeling Like a Citizen: Engaging Students and Building Community in the Classroom (Co-presented with Bryce Hedstrom, President-Elect of CCFLT)

The Blake School, Minneapolis, MN – September, 2015

  • Delivering Compelling, Understandable Messages

Central States Conference, Minneapolis, MN – March 2015

  • Raising Enrollment and Achievement through Comprehensible Input
  • Go Slow to Go Fast – 3 Simple Ingredients to Engagement and Accelerated Acquisition for All