On Teaching with Comprehensible Input

Mr. Boulanger’s teaching style and methodologies epitomize the key constructs and approaches I strive to convey to my students in my graduate classes at Bethel University. I will strongly encourage all of my students to observe Mr. Boulanger as part of their training.

Lisa Bekemeyer, Adjunct Professor, Bethel University


Grant, you are such a masterful teacher. Your content is meaty and pertinent and your energy is awesome! You are engaging, creative, riveting, humorous, insightful and caring. You look for gold in every one of your students. I was in the office earlier with a young man named [X] – a student who fails to finish his work and is disengaged from school. I asked him if there’s a class he likes and without hesitation he said, “Spanish with Mr. Boulanger!” with a huge smile on his face. You light up students’ minds and faces. It’s such a professional treat to pop into your classroom and watch you and your students shine!

Dr. Patty Phillips, Superintendent of Schools, ISD 622


I want to teach more like Grant does. I’ve watched him teach and that observation is still having an impact on the way I deal with my students.
Grant has a way of getting the kids, big classes of middle school kids, in the palm of his hands. Like the master potter he is, he molds their attention and their language with focus and controlled, inexorable energy. He knows the theory as well as the practice and techniques of good teaching. The teaching power and sparkle are there, and underneath is competence and composure that is rarely seen, and yet, watching Grant, I am betting that most teachers would feel like they can do what he does. He is not so much a super star, as he is one of us that has worked hard over the years to develop his craft–and that can give all of us hope that we can get better too.
Do yourself a favor and make a way to observe Grant teaching and find out more about his ideas, his philosophy of teaching, his stories and his materials.

Bryce Hedstrom, TCI Teacher and Trainer at BryceHedstrom.com

On Pottery

Grant might say that I introduced him to clay. . . the truth is, he introduced himself to the art of ceramics with an unmistakable passion and an incredible work ethic. Looking at his past works, it is so obvious Grant knows the value of taking risk, and his growth as an artist in the past few years, has been extraordinary, but expected.

Steve Hilton, Ceramics Professor, Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, TX

On Clay Camps

I enrolled my daughter in the Spanish ceramics class to help her maintain her Spanish language proficiency. We got so much more than we anticipated. She loved the class and looked forward to going every day. At the end of the week she said “It was so fun, I’d go back next year even if we make the same stuff.” She is returning this year as will others from her school.

Susan – Parent – Lakes International Language Academy


I learned more Spanish in a week of clay camp then I did all year long!

Espen, (12), Clay Camp Participant


I highly recommend this camp! My son participated last year and he had a blast. He was excited to go each and every day, it helped him to use his Spanish during the summer months and the quality and quantity of pottery he brought home was amazing! He was so proud of his work!

Jill – Parent – Adams Spanish Immersion