THANK YOU!!! to all of you who came to my Central States sessions today! I’ve learned a ton from everyone in the last couple days!

I LOVED reconnecting with friends and colleagues I haven’t seen (some since October, some since 1999!) and others I’ve only known virtually! I’m so humbled by the tweets, especially the twitterstorm created by my new friend, Martina Bex. Holy cow!

I loved connecting with Elena and Michelle from WI who I’d met at iFLT in San Diego. I thank Rebecca, Donna, and Claudia for tough questions in my first session – you remind me that TCI is a process and that advocating for change requires courage but begins with trust.

As Secretary of MCTLC, I’m super proud of the great turnout (1200!). I’m proud to be a member of the Executive Board and am already looking forward to our October conference! I’m especially proud of the interest and innovation from all MN language educators participating and presenting!

As Co-Director of the upcoming iFLT conference in July in St. Paul, I’m inspired at all the talk of delivering meaningful, relevant, fun, cultural comprehensible input that I’ve been hearing all over the place!

iFLT focuses on just that: innovative methods to deliver comprehensible input. iFLT is unique and fresh. Where else can participants observe nationally recognized presenters teaching REAL students and then debrief with the teacher and colleagues? Oh, and did I mention that Dr. Krashen will be there all week?

And, without further ado:

Raising Enrollment and Achievement through Comprehensible Input


Digital Handout

Go SLOW to Go Fast – Three simple ingredients to engagement and accelerated acquisition for all


Digital Handout:

And don’t forget:

One Word Images is a Ben Slavic creation. Read about it here:

Personal Interviews is a Bryce Hedstrom thing. Read about it here:

CSCTFL 2015 Session Slides and Handouts