These aren’t ALL the CI sessions at the conference. There’s a lot! Cynthia Hitz has put together a list here.

But these are 10 that I want to be sure to get to!

S-004 C215 Exhibitor All Star Session: The Power of Comprehensible Input and Storytelling – Presenter: Craig Klein, Bergman Academy, Des Moines, IA

S-076 C226 Put TPR Back Into TPRS – Presenter: Teri Wiechart

S-107 C226 How to Deepen Reading Comprehension – Presenter: Mira Canion, Northglenn Middle School, Northglenn, CO

S-170 C225 Ad Astra Per Apta: Empowering Latin students through research-informed, real-life-tested teaching  – Presenter: Justin Slocum Bailey

S-110 C224 Making the Most of Your Classroom Library – Presenter: Michelle Kindt, Hershey High School, Hershey, PA

S-139 C225 Comprehensible Input the Easy Way – Presenters: Nelly Hughes, Benjamin Logan High School, Bellefontaine, OH; Kelsy Wermer, Westlake School District, Lakewood, OH

S-143 C210 Keeping the C in CI Presenter Carol Gaab, TPRS Publishing, Inc. / Fluency Matters, Chandler, AZ

S-145 C212 Integrating Apps and Tech Tools into a 90%+ TL Classroom – Presenter: Cynthia Hitz, Palmyra Area School District, Palmyra, PA

S-173 C216 Best of Minnesota: The Art of Engaging Novice Learners – Presenter: Grant Boulanger,

S-179 C214 Content Based Comprehensible Input – Presenters: Carrie Toth, Carlyle High School, Carlyle, IL; Carol Gaab, TPRS Publishing, Inc, Chandler, AZ

TEN #CSCTFL16 CI Sessions Not to Miss
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