I have been reviewing student interviews from 2013-14 for potential use in upcoming teaching trainings.

These following two comments from two different students give me goosebumps.

Sometimes, despite being 14 years old, my students are wiser than I could ever imagine.

Language acquisition happens subconsciously, effortlessly as a result of receiving comprehensible input.

If we trust the process, words will flow when they’re ready. They will flow fluidly and spontaneously.

In response to “How is this class different from others?”

Well, you don’t write as much. you’re also speaking the language the whole time. And you actually pay attention. Because, like, if you don’t pay attention you’re not going to learn anything, which is kinda like your other classes but, like in Spanish you’re kind of forced to pay attention because if you hear the language enough it’s just going to be stuck in your brain.

In response to “What has helped you most this year?”

Talking Spanish! If he’s actually talking a lot in Spanish then you’re going to obviously acquire it. It’s going to be stuck in your brain no matter what. So you’re going to end up talking. It’s going to be like, “Oh, I just said that!”

Trust the Process
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