Mike Coxon filmed and posted a 7 minute segment of my Spanish 2 Learning Lab at iFLT 2015 and posted it for your viewing pleasure.

It starts out a little slow (I think this was right at the start of Day 3 of 4). But, after I remember that we have a student who was absent the day before, it gets better, in terms of showing how I review details of a story for someone who missed it.

In this video, you can view a bit of the following skills and techniques:

  • the power of gestures to bridge meaning
  • how I interact and coach student actors
  • use of mixed tense instruction and pop-up grammar to clarify meaning
  • use of spontaneity to lower anxiety
  • slow, even pacing
  • direct interaction with students via quick individual questions
  • use of rejoinders – authentic expressions students use to engage at their level, in their own style, to demonstrate their comprehension
  • use of reward system to encourage spontaneous and appropriate use of rejoinders
  • and probably more that I’m missing

If you or someone you know also took video of my class during iFLT, message me and we’ll see if we can get it posted!

Thank you, Mike!

Video from iFLT 2015

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