This classroom poster of mine made the rounds on social media after iFLT15 thanks in large part to Darcy Pippins’ photo of it, seen here:

First We Listen Poster
Photo of Grant Boulanger’s classroom poster taken by Darcy Pippins at iFLT 2015

Some folks encouraged me to make one for distribution. So, I did. Why? Because I believe it’s as important to teach our students about how acquisition works in brain as it is to teach them the language itself.

Think about how many members of the public at large who have their own ideas about how we learn languages. Part of our charge has to be to educate the next generation about language acquisition.


First We Listen Yellow
First We Listen Yellow

MiniFirstWeListenRed MiniFirstWeListenGreen MiniFirstWeListenBlueA language acquisition class is different from a language learning class. Help your students understand language acquisition and lower anxiety around output by reminding them often that comprehension comes before production.

I have them in four colors, too. Check out the Products page for more info.

First We Listen posters for your classroom

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